Karolina Głusiec, (b.1986, Lublin Poland) is a visual artist working mainly across animated and DIY film media, inspired by ways of seeing and ways of remembering. She is a frequent collaborator in projects inspired and rooted in music.


As a visiting and faculty member lecturer in drawing and animation, she examines various ways of image-memorizing and perception. Karolina is currently working on a PhD thesis proposal on material and non-material memories in communication.


Over the last decade she has been actively supporting and contributing to the idea of accessible art as a form of recreation and education by leading and facilitating workshops involving people being marginalized for various reasons.


Works and films have been presented and exhibited in the following: Entropia Gallery (Warsaw, Poland) PEER Gallery (London, UK) National Gallery (Washington, DC), Grunt Gallery (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Dzyndra Museum (Lviv, Ukraine), Mediations Biennale (Poznan, Poland) and BWA Drewniana (World / No World).