lines.fiction & motion-drawing present

Zeichnung in Bewegung: two evenings dedicated to the animated drawing at tmp gallery


Fr 24.2. 7pm

Bettina Munk presents a selection of drawn animations from the lines.fiction archive and talks about the specific approaches of the artists who consider their drawing practice as an important factor for their creation of animated films.


Sat 25.2. 7pm

One evening after the film screening of lines.fiction, motion-drawing is delighted to show its second curated selection of animated drawn animation films. Aline Helmcke presents author’s films that deal with drawing as an artistic form of expression. She will give an insight into the creation processes of the films as well as her approach to artistic resarch.


Films by Florence Miailhe, Peter Millard, Johan Rijpma, Edwin Rostron, Tim Romanowsky, Sasha Svirsky, Marie-Hélène Turcotte and Urte Zintler.


The film screening is followed by a presentation of Matthias Beckmann. He will show leporellos, folded sheets that tell stories through the sequence of images, and a selection of his animated films.


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The act of drawing as an artistic form of expression is spontaneous, simple and direct: impulse, movement and drawing mark are closely related to one another. The animated drawing, however, seems to oppose this in many ways, as the creation of an illusionary flow of moving imagery requires a systematic, thought-out approach: every line has to be placed in relation to its progression in time and space.


Since the invention of the animated drawing, rules and techniques of how to set drawings in motion have been developed. They shape our expectations of how a drawing should “behave” on the screen. However, a multitude of artists are developing their individual strategies based on their respective approach to drawing and thus develop films with a dramaturgy that often draws straight from the potential of the image-making process itself.